OwnersChoice makes it easy to adapt your mortgage lending program to the web. We offer a safe, user-friendly online mortgage application that allows members the convenience and security of applying for their loan anytime, anywhere. Here are some other features your members will enjoy:

  • All the information needed for their loan decision is at their fingertips. Daily rates are displayed, along with closing cost information and monthly payment amounts. Our Rate Watch feature will even email members when specified rates they request become available.
  • Members can use the site to obtain pre-approval themselves and print pre-approval letters to present to realtors when home shopping.
  • Loan decisions are made within minutes, not days. In most cases, members receive immediate feedback on their loan applications.

Your members aren’t the only ones who will benefit from our service, however. By spending less time on member loan applications, you will increase your loan production and efficiency. And, like everything else we offer, this service is as adaptable and transparent as you need it to be. Here are your options, which include minimal or no start-up costs:

  • Link to our site and allow your members to complete the on-line application and our experienced loan professionals will work with your members on your behalf.
  • Work with your members directly by co-branding a site of your own, including the contact information, logo and color scheme your members are used to seeing.

Regardless of the option you choose, OwnersChoice supports 100 percent of product updates and maintenance, including all compliance.

With our online services, it’s easier than ever to provide member convenience and achieve your mortgage lending goals… 24 hours a day.